Bhandardara is a quaint little place off the mumbai nasik road. More known for the Bhandardara dam and the large lake (around 28 kms) formed by it. Dotted with paddy fields, the emerald glory of this small village is best witnessed in the monsoon.

Bhandardara Dam

Its latest claim to fame is that few shots of the movie Jane tu..ya jane na has been shot in this cute little village.
Although rainy season is supposedly the best to visit Bhandardara given the number of waterfalls and famed and filmed Umbrella fall, it seems to be a nice little getaway for the rest of the year as well.

The winters would be chilly as the region experiences a considerable drop in temperatures, but you could also get to enjoy a boat-ride across the dam which are allowed only in the non-monsoon seasons.

Hotel Surrounding

We stayed at the popular (and cheap) MTDC resort, which is right on the banks of the lake. The resort is decent (to say the least) and a special mention for the bathrooms …which are super-clean. Standards rooms cost 700 per night. As the region experiences heavy rains and is surrounded by a large water body, the monsoons atmosphere is genrally damp, almost wet. The MTDC rooms do feel damp and you might even come across a few leakages in your room. So one advice is dont do with very high expectations (we didnt :). One high points of the MTDC here is that the food served is hot, fresh and excellent. You really do need a large plate of hot pakodas on a rainy day, and MTDC dishes out them just right.

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